Bežični Mikrofon Bes Audio BW700 HT


Bes Audio BW700

Baza mikrofona :

Frequency Range: 500 ~ 937.5MHz

Working Range: 100 meters

Modulation: FM

Pilot Tone: 32.768KHz

Optional Frequency: 1680

System Compatibility: 16pcs

Frequency Response: 50Hz~ 16KHz (±3dB)

Dynamic Range:> 110dB

T.H.D.: < 0.5%

S /N Ratio: > 105dB (A)

RF Sensitivity: < -95dBm

Image Rejection: > 80dB

Output Connector: (XLRx2)/(1/4-inch connector×1)/(1/4-inch PHONES JACKx1)

Audio Output Level:  (XLR:+10dBV) / (1/4-inch connector:+8dBV)/(1/4-inch PHONES JACK:100mW)

Impedance: (XLR:3KΩ) / (1/4-inch connector:3KΩ)/(1/4-inch PHONES JACK:32Ω)

Display: OLED

Power Requirements: 12V/1A DC

Operating Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃

Dimensions :160(W)*482(L)*44(H)mm

Weight :2600g

HT Ručica mikrofona

Gain Adjustment Range : 0/-10/-20/-30/-40dB

Input Impedance : 5KΩ

Output Power  :10mW/30mW/50mW

Spurious Rejection:  > 50dB

Pilot Tone : 32.768KHZ

Display : LCD

Power Requirements : 1.5V×2(AA)

Battery Life : > 7H/1300mAH

Dimensions : 257(L)*54(Φ)mm




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